sâmbătă, iulie 12, 2008

50 de lucruri care-ar putea schimba lumea

  1. THE average Japanese woman can expect to live to 84; her counterpart in Botswana will die at 39.
  2. BLACK men born in the US stand a one-in-three chance of going to jail. For white men the odds are one in 17. 
  3. ONE in five of the world's population - 1.25 billion people - is undernourished.
  4. NEARLY half of British 15-year-olds have tried illegal drugs and nearly a quarter are regular cigarette smokers.
  5.  CHILDREN living in poverty are three times more likely to suffer mental illness than children from wealthy families.
  6.  EIGHTY-ONE per cent of the world's executions in 2002 took place in just three countries: China, Iran and the USA
  7.  SUPERMARKETS in the UK know more about their customers than the government does. They use loyalty cards to determine your income and what your interests are.
  8. EVERY cow in the EU is subsidised by £1.40 a day - three out of four Africans have less than that to live on.
  9. SAME-SEX relationships are illegal in more than 70 countries. In nine - including Afghanistan, Iran and Saudi Arabia - the penalty is death.
  10.  EVERY hour, UK households throw away enough rubbish to fill the Royal Albert Hall.
  11.   THERE are 27 million slaves in the world....
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